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Last 15 New Files
Zabbix 3.4 - Installation in Docker Environment (ENG)  11.18 MB
  Zabbix Server installation for Sonoff devices.  2018-03-14
Firmware for Sonoff-th16 for SUPLA and Zabbix Systems  1.03 MB
  Firmware for Sonoff-th16 device in the Zabbix server version  2018-02-27
Remote Agent for NetWare Systems  10.22 KB
  DWAGENT6.NLM - module running on every controlled NetWare Server.  2012-08-19
Remote Agent for Windows Systems  428.39 KB
  DWAGENT6.EXE - module running on every controlled Windows Server or Workstation.  2012-08-19
SQLSRW9 - database backup for ASA9  178.17 KB
  SQLSRW9.NLM module is designed to archiving of Sybase SQL Anywhere Server 9 database files.   2007-09-28
SQLSRW10 - database backup for ASA10  177.21 KB
  SQLSRW10.NLM module is designed to archiving of Sybase SQL Anywhere Server 10 database files.
!!! SQLSRW10 works for database with page files size=2048 bytes only.
SLED10 - KDE User Guide  7.56 MB
  June 21,2006
This manual introduces the KDE desktop of your SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop and a variety of applications you will encounter when working with the KDE desktop. It guides you through using these applications and helps you perform key tasks. It is intended mainly for end users who want to make efficient use of KDE in everyday life. (pdf)
SLED10 - Gnome User Guide  3.38 MB
  July 17,2006
This manual is designed to introduce you to the GNOME graphical desktop environment and show you how to configure it to meet your personal needs and preferences. (pdf)
SLED10 - Installation  174.80 KB
  July 17,2006
Use this document to install a new version of SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 or update a Novell Linux Desktop 9 system to SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10. (pdf)
SLED10 - Deployment Guide  8.53 MB
  July 04,2006
This guide is intended for use by professional network and system administrators during the actual planning, deployment, configuration, and operation of SUSE Linux Enterprise. (pdf)
SLED10 - KDE Quick Start  1.83 MB
  NOVELL QUICK START CARD. (pdf)   2007-01-29
  July 17,2006
This manual is designed to introduce you to the iPrint Linux Client include with SUSE® Linux Enterprise Desktop and show you how to configure printing on your desktop. (pdf)
SLED10 - Connectivity Guide  437.71 KB
  June 28,2006
For managing network connections, you can use either the traditional method with the ifup command or NetworkManager. NetworkManager is specially-suited for mobile workstations. In this guide, find information about the difference between NetworkManager and ifup, when it is appropriate to use NetworkManager or ifup and how to use them, and a short introduction to D-BUS and HAL, technologies behind NetworkManager. (pdf)
SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 Systems Management  1.41 MB
  Technical White Paper
Taking Full Advantage of Your Operating System
SLES10 High Availability Storage Foundation  834.20 KB
  Technical White Paper
The documentation requirements accompanying recent compliance regulations force companies to continually increase their data storage.

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