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Features and Benefits

Novell ZENworks allows companies to manage the entire lifecycle of desktops, laptops, servers and handheld devices. Through Policy-Driven Automation, ZENworks decreases administrative burdens and increases enterprise-wide business efficiency. High reliability makes ZENworks 7 a release on which you can bet your business.

Novell ZENworks simplifies the management and delivery of resources throughout diverse enterprises and changing work environments. Novell ZENworks provides support for Windows*, Linux* and NetWare environments and gives companies control over the operating systems in their environment, affording a quantifiable ROI of more than 1,012 percent.


With ZENworks 7, you can do the following:

  • Lower IT support costs
  • Efficiently manage desktops
  • Simplify server management
  • Enjoy the leading Linux management
  • Automate patch management
  • Lower mobile support costs
  • Protect user data
  • Simplify software packaging

ZENworks 7 High-Level Feature Summary

x Yes    x New/Improved

Feature Suite Desktop Management Server Management Handheld Management Linux Management
Policy-Driven Automation x x x x x
Simplified install x x x x x
Novell Open Enterprise Server support x x x   x
Windows Server support x x x x  
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server support x x x   x
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server support x x x   x
eDirectory and Active Directory support x x x x x
Software and content distribution x x x x x
Agent-based architecture x x x x x
ZENworks Control Center™ for Linux Management x       x
Imaging x x x   x
Data Management x       x
Remote Management x x x x x
Desktop Management
Windows 98/NT4/2000/ XP Pro/Tablet support x x      
Novell Linux Desktop support x       x
Firewall friendly x x     x
Citrix MetaFrame XP support x x      
Rogue process termination x x      
Advanced MSI support x x      
Application chaining x x      
Checkpoint restart x x      
Mobile user management x x      
Web-based application delivery x x      
"Lights out" distribution x x      
Personality migration x x      
Novell Messenger x x      
Self-healing x x      
Asset Management
Increased inventory accuracy x x x x x
Pre-built reports x x x x x
Web-based reporting x x x   x
Integration with ZENworks Asset Management 1 x x x    
Reporting and querying x x x x x
Hardware Inventory x x x x x
Software Inventory x x x x x
Inventory History Reporting x x x    
Inventory Change Alerting x x x    
Passive Network Discovery x x x    
Extensible and customizable inventory x x x    
Data integration with other systems2 x x x    
Patch Management
Automated patch management x x x   x
Windows patches3 x x x    
NetWare patches4 x x x    
Linux patches4 x       x
Macintosh patches4 x x x    
Solaris patches4 x x x    
AIX patches4 x x x    
HP-UX patches4 x x x    
Citrix, Microsoft, Adobe, Symantec, and more x x x    
Flexible scheduling options x x x    
Vulnerability assessment x x x    
Detailed patch information x x x    
Applicable target selection x x x    
Patch compliance reporting x x x    
Server Management
Distribution reporting x   x    
Versioning notification x   x    
System management monitoring x   x    
Traffic analysis x   x    
Network discovery x   x    
Web-based health reporting x   x    
Linux management & monitoring x   x    
eDirectory management & monitoring x   x    
Handheld Management
Sync device password with network password x     x  
RIM BlackBerry support x     x  
WinCE management x     x  
Palm OS management x     x  
Windows Mobile 2003 for Pocket PC management x     x  
Remote wireless access points x     x  
Configuration management x     x  
Device Self-destruct x     x  
Handheld restore x     x  
Password Enhancement and Enforcement x     x  
File retrieval x     x  

1 Product sold separately

2 ZENworks Asset Management provides an open database schema, allowing you to quickly integrate asset management information with many systems, including Remedy and other helpdesk solutions.

3 Patch subscription for 90 days on 100 devices

4 Subscription for patches sold separately

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