How to setup a Linux application to automatically startup when you login.

Posted: 21 Jun 2005

This article applies to:

  • Novell Linux Desktop 9
  • SUSE LINUX Professional 9.3



  • If you are using Novell Linux Desktop (NLD) then go to System | Personal Settings. If you are using SUSE LINUX Professional (SLPro) then go to Desktop | GNOME Control Center.

  • Now double click on Sessions and select the Startup Programs tab.

  • To add a program that you want to automatically start once you have logged in, click on the Add button. If there is a search path that is already setup for this program then you can put in the command. If a search path is not setup, then you will need to click on the Browse button and browse out to the file so that the whole path is placed in the field.

  • In this example we will startup gaim by default. Since gaim already has a search path, all I need to do is to put in the command gaim and click OK. If you are not sure whether or not there is a search path to your application, you can open a terminal window and try executing the command. If you get the error “command not found” then you don't have a search path.


  • In KDE the starting of applications is a matter of finding the associated appname.desktop file (where appname is the actual name of the application) and then placing that desktop file in the /opt/kde3/share/autostart directory.

  • A good example of this can be found with the Netapplet - The Network Interface Switching Utility document. There is a section in this document called “Configuring Netapplet to Launch with KDE” which describes this very feature, plus some extras on the desktop file itself. It would be a good reference to use.

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