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AUDITLGN - Users Login/Logout Audit


  • The audit module AUDITLGN.NLM is designed for registration of the following events:
  •     USER LOGIN to a NetWare server
        USER LOGOUT of a NetWare server
        NIGHT CONTROL - control of stations logged on to the server at night ( at midnight).
        It allows to find users who don't turn off their computer for the night
  • The module registers all logon events with a NORMAL status (similarly to MONITOR.NLM program).
        If the interval between log on and logoff is shorter then 0.2 seconds an event can be not registered in the system.
  • The module can control status of maximum of 200 (or 2000) users logged on to the server.
  • The program enables to present maximum of 77 users logged on to the server at one screen.

  • The supported platforms:

  • NetWare 5.0
  • NetWare 5.1
  • NetWare 6.0
  • NetWare 6.5.
  • Nterprise Branch Office V2.0

  • Installation of AUDITLGN program on NetWare server:

    Module AUDITLGN.NLM should be copied to a controlled server to SYSTEM folder on SYS volume.

    Start of AUDITLGN.NLM module:

    The program can be started from a server console level immediately or automatically as a command line in AUTOEXEC.NCF file:

    AUDITLGN /a /ppath /m /n /X

    /a - active connections screen is enable (default is disable)
    /m - monthly log is enable (default is disable)
    /n - night control is enable (default is disable). It is created a separate log file containing a list of stations which are logged on to the server at midnight of every day
    /ppath - set the path for log file
        path - path for log file: e.g. DATA:LOGS/AUDIT
        (!! without char "/" or "\" at the end of line)
        in this example log file will be: DATA:LOGS/AUDIT/AUDT0610.LOG   (where 06 - short form of year, 10 - current month)
        default path: SYS:ETC
    /X - a start of the program with this option causes the additional audit records are created in an XML format.
        For every event a separate file is created.
        Files are written on the SYS volume in the ETC/XMLLOG folder.
        Without /X option there is created only a standard event log - AUDITLGN.LOG

    auditlgn /a /m /pDATA:LOGS/AUDIT

    Default the AUDITLGN.LOG - event log is created on the SYS volume in the ETC folder.

    The structure of standard event log is following:

        LOGIN: 012 20060219 09:19:57 ADMIN1 IP
        LOGOUT: 012 20060219 09:44:35 ADMIN1 IP

    The XML structure of files is following:

    Login of the ADMIN1 user to the SERVER1 server:

    Logout of the ADMIN1 user from the SERVER1 server :

    A screen of AUDITLGN program:

    A main screen of the program after its start (with option /a) (Fig. 1)


    Download free version

    Auditlgn Vers. 1.20

    Since 2003

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